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Live Streaming Service Dogs in Training

For those in need of a service dog, the decision is very personal and intimate. The Service Dog Project trains great dane puppies, whose future will be to assist individuals with mobility and balance issues. HDOnTap's team partnered with to install these cameras, one outdoors and two indoors, live streaming 24/7 Great Dane puppies as they grow into working Service Dogs.

Setting Up Cams for Service Dogs

Danes in Training

There are five live streaming cameras installed at Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Individuals awaiting their future service dogs can witness the training, playful moments, growth, and the adorable entry into the world of these incredible canines.

The choice to have a service dog for mobility and other challenging conditions is deeply personal. Our live cams provide a unique opportunity for prospective owners to form a connection and gain insights into their service dog's behavior even before they officially become part of the family.

This approach has proven to be a success, various dog breeders and animal rescues use the live streaming model with the same goal – allowing future pet parents to bond with their furry companions and understand their behavior intimately before bringing them home.

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Dog Breeders Love Live Streaming

We began working with a Briard breeder in Arizona in 2021. Their goal was to add a live streaming camera to their website and a streaming partner who would ensure their support questions would be answered. View their live stream player below and fall in love with these puppies!

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