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Benefits for live streaming your hotel or resort

Unlock the Essence of Luxury: Live Streaming Your Hotel – Where Every Stay Becomes an Experience.

Virtual Experience for Potential Guests

Live streaming hotels and resorts provide potential guests with a real-time, virtual experience of the facilities, rooms, amenities, and surroundings. This immersive view helps them make more informed decisions when planning their stay, increasing the likelihood of bookings.

Interactive Customer Engagement

Live streaming allows hotels and resorts to engage with their audience in real-time. This interaction can include Q&A sessions, virtual tours, or showcasing special events, creating a direct and engaging connection with current and potential guests.

Showcasing Events and Special Offers

Hotels and resorts can use live streaming to promote special events, discounts, and exclusive offers. Whether it's a limited-time promotion, a themed event, or a new package, live broadcasts help generate excitement and interest among viewers.

Enhancing Brand Transparency and Credibility

Live streaming provides an opportunity for hotels and resorts to showcase their authenticity and transparency. By allowing potential guests to see the property in real-time, including day-to-day operations, cleanliness, and customer interactions, it builds trust and credibility, leading to increased customer confidence and loyalty.

Common hospitality camera features

Amazing features our clients love for their hotel and resort streams!

4k Image Quality

The superior image quality of 4K video elevates the visual appeal of promotional content. This is especially beneficial for showcasing the beauty of the resort, including landscapes, pools, and architectural details, making a strong impression on viewers and potential visitors.

Outdoor Rated PTZ Cameras

With the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom, these cameras can showcase scenic views, architectural details, and the overall ambiance of the outdoor areas. This feature is particularly appealing for highlighting beautiful landscapes, pool areas, gardens, and other visually captivating elements.

Automatic Daytime & Night time switch

The automated switch ensures that the camera adjusts its settings seamlessly based on the ambient light conditions. During daytime, the camera optimizes settings for clarity and color accuracy, while transitioning to low-light settings at night to maintain visibility without distortion. 

Time-lapse Capable

The time-lapse feature can focus on day-to-day activities around the hotel, such as sunrise and sunset views, poolside activities, or the bustling lobby during peak hours. This provides a unique perspective and adds a dynamic element to the live stream, keeping viewers engaged.

Featured Hotel & Resort Installations

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