Live Streaming Wild Bald Eagles in Pennsylvania

This live streaming camera installed in 2014 quickly became a flagship eagle cam for HDOnTap. Installation was made possible in partnership with Pennsylvania Game Commission and Comcast Business. Shortly after the 1080p camera was installed, NBC Nightly News coverage of the live footage of the nest took off. Effectively going "viral", millions watched as the Eagle pair endured brutal snowy weather conditions while incubating the eggs. The world became invested in the success of this eagle pair. The installation of this camera was the catalyst to many more eagle live cams just like it all over the country. The ultimate goal being education about Bald Eagle conservation.

The Hanover eagles Cam Setup and Maintenance

We initially launched with a basic 1080p wide-angle camera devoid of audio and lacking infrared/night vision capabilities. Little did we foresee the soaring popularity of the eagles' live broadcasts, captivating millions of viewers. To meet the surging public demand, Annual site visits are coordinated for live streaming enhancements. The initial upgrade introduced audio and infrared/night vision, followed by the addition of one PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera, with another incorporated the following year. The success of this camera is largely attributed to HDOnTap's commitment to consistently delivering an optimal viewing experience, allowing the public to witness the enchantment of Bald Eagle nesting season. The Hanover Eagle Nest Cam formula, which appears to be the ideal setup for eagle cams, involves one POV (Point of View) camera and two PTZ cameras equipped with audio and infrared vision for observing nighttime activities.

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