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Benefits for live streaming your construction and real estate

Project Showcase and Updates

Live streaming in the construction and real estate industry allows for real-time project showcases and updates. This transparency helps clients, investors, and potential buyers witness the progress of construction projects, fostering trust and confidence in the development.

Virtual Property Tours

Gift the ability of virtual property tours, offering potential buyers or tenants the opportunity to explore a property remotely. This is especially valuable for those unable to visit in person, expanding the reach of your listings and attracting a broader audience.

Construction Progress Reporting

For construction projects, live streaming can serve as a tool for progress reporting. Clients and stakeholders can observe the development stages, ensuring transparency and facilitating communication between project managers, investors, and other involved parties.

Interactive Q&A Sessions

Conducting live Q&A sessions during construction or real estate live streams provides an interactive platform for addressing questions and concerns. This engagement fosters a direct connection with your audience, whether they are potential buyers, investors, or individuals interested in the construction process.

Common construction and real estate camera packages

Below, browse the camera features some of our top clients love for their wildlife streams!

Timelapse Capability

Can be valuable for documenting construction processes and adherence to regulatory requirements. This documentation may serve as evidence of compliance with building codes, safety regulations, and other industry standards.


During live streams, the ability to zoom facilitates interactive discussions. Viewers can ask questions about specific elements, and presenters or hosts can zoom in to provide detailed explanations, fostering engagement and a deeper understanding of the project.

4K Ultra HD

For stakeholders who are unable to visit a construction site or property in person, 4K resolution facilitates remote decision-making. The level of detail captured in the live stream allows for confident decision-making without the need for physical presence.

Starlight and Low-light

Construction projects often require continuous monitoring for security and safety reasons. With starlight and low-light capabilities, live streams can be maintained throughout the night, allowing stakeholders to monitor construction sites and detect any unusual activities or potential issues.

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