Choosing Hardware

Choose the right hardware for your live streaming project.

Create personalized video tours showcasing specific views for broadcasting.
Consider the following factors:
Fixed or PTZ camera
Image Quality and Resolution
Field of View Capabilities
Environment (indoor vs. outdoor)
Power Source
Check out more details on each factor below and connect with
your HDOnTap representative to learn more!

Fixed vs. PTZ Cameras

If you want your livestream to showcase a consistent static view, select a fixed camera. Fixed cameras will limit you to a single angle and requires manual adjustments.

If you want flexibility in presenting different angles and vantage points, select a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera. PTZ cameras offer remote control capabilities and programed automated tours, allowing for comprehensive coverage of a variety of scenes from multiple views.

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Image Quality

Webcam image quality depends on camera resolution, sharp focus, lighting conditions, and bandwidth availability/capability. HDOnTap has solutions to assist you with each of these factors.


  • 720p (1280x720 pixel resolution) webcam: delivers a clear HD live stream
  • 1080p (1920x1080 pixel resolution) webcam: most
    popular choice
  • UltraHD/4k (3840x2160 pixel resolution): offers even higher image quality options, but requires additional band width.

SHARP FOCUS: Optimize focus for clearer image and attention on your subject.

LIGHTING CONDITIONS: Adjust settings based on lighting conditions for enhanced image quality.

BANDWIDTH: Support higher resolution with HDOnTap’s adaptive bitrate streaming services.

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Camera Zoom & FOV

Field of View (FOV) refers to how wide a scene a camera can capture—wider fields for landscapes or crowded spaces, and narrower fields for specific details or subjects.

Zoom functionality enhances a camera’s flexibility. Optical zoom uses the lens to magnify the image without sacrificing image quality, while digital zoom enlarges a portion of the image digitally which can result in a loss of image quality.

You’ll need a balance of FOV and zoom settings to effectively capture your desired subject matter. HDOnTap is here to help you find that balance.

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Infrared (IR) technology makes night vision features possible. IR LEDs around the camera lens emit light within the infrared spectrum, allowing a camera to stream live video in low light or total darkness. IR is a great option for wildlife and settings where lighting can be sparse.

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Use in Any Environment

Not every webcam can withstand the elements. It is crucial to ensure your webcam is inherently weatherproof or properly enclosed to shield from potential environmental damage. That's why we developed patented camera enclosures and housings. Housings help protect and preserve your hardware with features like circulation fans, temperature regulation, non-corrosive materials, and rust-proof construction, all with secure mounting hardware.

HDOnTap’s sister company, X Stream Designs, manufactures enclosures designed to shield your hardware from moderate to extreme conditions and even offers a patented, self-cleaning dome.

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Every webcam requires internet connectivity to enable live video streaming. If you can’t connect an Ethernet network cable directly due to distance or another factor, you’ll need alternative solutions. HDOnTap offers a variety of options, including fixed wireless, cellular, and Starlink satellite services.

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Off-Grid Power

If your power source is over 100 meters from your desired camera location, you may experience difficulty drawing power from your Ethernet cable. HDOnTap is a trailblazer in developing off-grid power solutions, employing methanol fuel cells, wind turbines, and solar technologies. Our systems allow for reliable off-grid power, for remote monitoring and hardware control.

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Protect your equipment

Enclosures for any condition


Engineered for all climates and conditions, our integration-ready outdoor camera housing was intuitively designed to meet the needs of both the surveillance and broadcast markets. Each system is powered by our proprietary web-enabled X|Smart System Tray incorporating an integrated four port 10/100 network switch, 12VDC / 24VDC / PoE power distribution and climate control.

Protected Under US Patents: US8567963B1, USD744570S1, USD922468

X Clear

  • Built to withstand severe weather and extreme environmental demands

  • Hot, cold, wet/rainy, salty ocean air, grime, bugs, blowing dust

  • Nearly indestructable polycarbonate construction. No rust or corrosion

X Rain

  • Wipe away image-obscuring water drops In wet and rainy weather

  • Built To withstand severe weather and extreme environmental demands

  • Recommended for hot, cold, wet and rainy climates

  • Nearly Indestructible Polycarbonate Construction – No Rust Or Corrosion

X Heat

  • Built to withstand extreme cold (Down To -60ºF / -51ºC)

  • 50-Watt internal heating system

  • Nearly indestructible polycarbonate construction – No rust or corrosion

  • Dual/Redundant circulation fans eliminate hot spots

  • Open cell silicone foam insulation (Optional)

X Mod

  • Built to withstand harsh weather conditions

  • 20-Watt integrated heating element

  • Remotely controllable accessory power ports – [2] 12VDC and [2] 24VDC

  • Remotely monitor and control the enclosure via the web or API

  • Nearly indestructible polycarbonate construction – No rust or corrosion

Remote internet uplink kits

Remote internet uplinks for live streaming cameras refer to the technology and infrastructure that allow live streaming cameras to transmit video and audio data from a remote location to an online platform or server via the internet. These setups are particularly useful in scenarios where the live streaming cameras are deployed in areas that lack traditional wired internet connectivity or where mobility is a requirement.

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Remote power kits

Remote power kits are essential for live streaming cameras, providing a reliable and sustainable power source in locations where traditional power infrastructure is inaccessible or impractical. These kits often include options such as solar panels, battery systems, or alternative power solutions, enabling the deployment of live streaming cameras in remote outdoor environments, wildlife habitats, or during outdoor events.

By harnessing renewable energy or alternative power, remote power kits ensure continuous operation, extended monitoring periods, and reduced environmental impact, making them indispensable for capturing and transmitting live content from challenging and off-grid locations. This not only enhances the flexibility and mobility of live streaming setups but also contributes to sustainable and eco-friendly practices in various applications such as wildlife monitoring, environmental research, and outdoor event coverage.

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