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Why Live Streaming is the Best Marketing Move For Your Business

Why Live Streaming is the Best Marketing Move For Your Business

 Why Live Streaming is the Best Marketing Move For Your Business

If live streaming is not in your online marketing strategy right now– what are you really doing to grow your business? This easy to implement marketing move can put your business on the map, grow your audience, hit your marketing KPI’s and boost your SEO! 

The online marketing world is vast and can be overwhelming. Marketing your business, organization or non-profit doesn't have to feel like running on a hamster wheel, when  you incorporate the right strategy. Live streaming is an easy marketing tool that offers untapped opportunities for your business. Think of your main goals for your business: Are you looking to boost your SEO? Are you seeking more video content for social and online platforms? Looking to build trust with your audience? There’s no fast fix or diet pill when it comes to trimming the fat on your marketing strategy, but what if we told you, live streaming is the answer to the gaps you're looking to fill in your business plan?

Unique High Quality Video Content Made Easy

Marketers in 2022 know that video content is king. What better way to implement a video strategy than to invest in live streaming? A live streaming webcam offers the opportunity to capture and record video which you can use for a multitude of applications for your business. Social media is the necessary evil (if you will) and just cause for many a marketer’s headaches… Why? Because content creation, curation, editing, and scheduling is time consuming. What if you could capture enough video content in one day to last you the entire week of social posts? With time lapse clips and the ability to target your live stream directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch, you take the guesswork out of the video content equation. 

Grow and Build Trust With Your Target Audience

In this day and age, your audience would rather view a video than read a sentence of text about why they should invest in your business. What’s more transparent and authentic than real time video? Live streaming doesn’t have to be you in front of the camera talking about what you provide, while it can be that, it could also mean live streaming in your warehouse while you work or live streaming a bird bath from outside your window. Whichever way you spin it, implementing IP cameras and live streaming for your audience to any capacity checks all the boxes that you’re looking for in terms of audience engagement. 

  • Keeping your audience informed with the day-to-day of your business, live streaming gives your customers an authentic snapshot of your brand, leaving a lasting impression that can mean the difference between you and a competitor. .
  • Content will maximize and grow your audience, reaching new eyeballs that you may have never achieved before
  • Live streaming video is exciting, after all it’s live! Live video gets 10x more comments and 3x longer watch time than regular video. [source]
  • Your audience is 39% more likely to share video content compared to traditional content. [99 Firms]

Boost your Organic SEO, Increase Website Clicks and Exceed your Crucial Marketing KPIs

Webcams and ip cameras are a relatively low cost to entry compared to the marketing value they offer for your business. Google loves unique, always fresh and up to date content, a live video feed of the waterfront view at your resort or the sunsets from the dock of your restaurant is exactly what Google loves; website content that is engaging and keeps viewers on the page longer.