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How to Drive Traffic to Your Webcam

How to Drive Traffic to Your Webcam

Drive Traffic To Your Webcam!

Choose the Right Webcam Solution for Your Business

This can be a daunting task. You will want to consider the IP camera type – PTZ Camera (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) or Fixed Camera. Also, the right camera enclosure for your environment – self-cleaning enclosure for coastal environments, extreme cold enclosure, extreme heat… HDOnTap specializes in designing, building and installing webcam solutions to fit your business’s needs.  Whether a simple solution or an elaborate off-grid powered wireless network remote solution.    

Live Cam Placement

Choosing a location for your live cam, taking the sun and lighting into consideration is extremely important.   Proper mounting of the webcam is also something to consider – especially for large zoom cameras.

Choosing the Right Live Video Streaming Solution

The are many live video streaming service options including Time-Shift streaming, transcoding and adaptive stream delivery, Time-Lapse video and the list goes on.   HDOnTap representatives can help you choose the service that best fits your needs.

Make Your Webcam Visible

This is very important. Your own website should promote your live cam. Make the link to your live cam obvious and easy to find on your main landing page. Don’t burry the link in a pull-down tab or make it difficult to find. 

Use What You Already Have in Place

If you currently have an email newsletter, blog, Facebook page, Instagram, etc. – be sure to mention your new webcam. When you mention your new webcam include a link that links straight to your webcam page. 

Write a Press Release

Give your press release a captivating headline and an opening sentence that sums up the most important details of the message you are conveying. Tell the media what is special about your location or how you are using your webcam. 

Use Social Media

You can do more than just announce your new webcam on social media sites. Allow your followers to interact and share your live webcam content by Facebook “Liking” or sharing the live cam link with friends. Run promotions or contests such as a contest where people can take an image snapshot from your live webcam that includes a watermark logo of your company’s logo, share it on your Facebook page and the best image wins. Allowing viewers to share your webcam content on social media sites gives you the opportunity to reach a broader network of people.