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Why Add Live Video To Your Website

Why Add Live Video To Your Website

Benefits of Embedding Live Video on Your Website

It’s 2023! Embedding live video on your website is not only beneficial, it’s crucial to growing your online presence. As a business owner, your relationship with your returning customers as well as gaining new customers is priority number one. Live streaming directly on your website is an easy low cost way to meet or exceed your marketing goals. 

Increase Traffic to Your Website

Unique content is king to your website. While free live streaming on social media platforms is great, you can connect directly with your audience and draw in traffic with a live streaming video player on your website. Create excitement about your brand, organization, hotel, resort or attraction with content that is engaging. This kind of unique content increases key analytics like, time on page, page views and even sales leads. Still images and text are no longer enough, potential customers are thirsty for video content. Engage with your website viewers by broadcasting your location’s breathtaking views, exotic scenery, first class amenities and/or up-to-date weather conditions with real-time live HD video on your website. Live video can organically broaden your online audience reach, bringing in unique visitors to your site and prompt those new visitors to return. When used correctly, implementing live video with key SEO boosting factors in mind, you can expect increased traffic without the cost of online advertising or time-consuming content creation. 

Expand Your Marketing Opportunities

Most marketing plans in 2022 are zeroing in on live video, with good reason! Live video offers your business potential to expand B2B opportunities, backlinking, new partnerships and more.  YouTube uses live video as an advertising opportunity, allowing publishers to monetize their content. What if you could do the same, but with your own advertising? Using HDOnTap’s professional live HD video streaming services you have the ability to add pre- and mid- roll advertisements directly on the webcam video stream. Advertise current company promotions or upcoming events. Monetize your webcam content by allowing other businesses to advertise on your live webcam stream or on the surrounding areas of the webcam page. Link building is still important to Google’s ranking algorithm. Your live player is an easy way to backlink and build qualified traffic to your site. Travel blogs, wildlife blogs, city and community web pages may share similar interest in your live stream, your online authority boosts when other websites link to your live player. Additionally, you have the ability to create new embeds of your live stream for even greater online visibility. The embeds you create can be easily customized with all of your branding and link back to your website. Share your live content with news and press web pages to gain more site traffic and broaden your audience. This potential is yours to unleash with the power of live streaming! 

Simplify Your Social Media Strategy

It’s widely known and accepted that videos outperform photos in 2022. The crux of video content is the process; it involves a bit more effort than still photography. Imagine having video content that is relevant to your business and available daily without any fuss. Your live stream can be recorded automatically on the spot, during certain times of the day, as well as daily ready-to-use timelapse clips. The video from your stream can be used both in the traditional social posting method or by sending your stream directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch. Live streaming on social media catches the attention of new prospective customers and encourages them to interact with your brand. It also gives you an edge over your competitors, to be transparent and build a loyal following. 

Increase Revenue for Your Business

By adding a live webcam to your website you have expanded your reach to an unlimited number of worldwide online viewers. Combine this with what we’ve mentioned, an increase in website traffic, utilization of additional marketing and social media opportunities to lead to an increase in company revenue. In the case of non-profit organizations, we’ve seen great success with the use of live streaming to promote donations. Create a bond with your viewers that inspires them to act and share your cause. 

Increase Website Ranking

The main advantage of adding a live webcam is the competitive edge. Your marketing department probably does extensive research about the searchability of your main keywords. It’s hard to expand on new keywords and write optimized content for your website without the site sounding like you are saying the same thing over and over again. With something new, relevant, unique and constantly updated your website has more authority than competitors. Embedding live video on your website with relevant keywords means search engines have a different variety of text to index. Live video on your website can also lower your bounce rate, viewers stay on the page longer and are less likely to become bored and exit. 

Here’s a quick guide to Optimizing your Live Video Player

  • Give your live player a clear title, your headline for the stream is important, make sure it uses your target keywords and is catchy to draw in new viewers.
  • Add descriptive text on the page to describe your live video content, think about the view, the weather conditions, what else is in the area, what the location is known for, etc.
  • Consider adding a viewer chat to your webcam page, this further increases the viewer time on page and increases the frequency of site visits.
  • Supplement your live video stream with a blog, if you can. If your live stream contains wildlife, an educational blog is a great way to boost your website’s SEO with more unique content. 
  • Label your inbound links with an informative title like “ABC Resort Webcam” instead of “click here”. 

Ultimately there is so much potential that live video offers your business. With live video quickly becoming the dominant player in the online marketing atmosphere, it’s more important than ever to consider embedding live video. To learn more about how to get started with live video check out our quick start guide to live streaming or contact us to get started!