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Maximize Return on Your Live Webcam Investment

Maximize Return on Your Live Webcam Investment

Maximize Return on Your Live Cam Investment

Live webcams are an excellent low-cost marketing tool for your business. Live video is proven to be effective for boosting traffic to your website and telling the story of your business to potential customers. Nearly any industry can benefit from live webcams. Travel and hospitality can sell their beautiful ski or surf location to a wider audience, resulting in more online bookings. Live webcams can sell luxury destinations, create nostalgia and evoke emotion in viewers. You may be asking yourself, how? Let’s get into how live webcams can work for you and why this marketing strategy is well worth the cost of investment.

If You've Got It, Flaunt It

Too many webcams are hidden away and hard to find. A live streaming video feed is a huge asset to your website. A webcam will increase website visitors and boost SEO with unique real time updated content. That being said, make your webcam easily accessible on your website. Embedding your live video feed on your homepage is ideal. Google always prioritizes interesting content. Make sure your webcam view is interesting and worthwhile, and most importantly, make sure it is related to the reason your visitors came to your website in the first place. Your viewers will not return to your website unless it holds real relevance to them. For example, if you are a ski resort your visitors will want to see the beautiful views from your location and the weather & ski conditions.


A webcam opens up a world of opportunities for you and your website visitors. Once you have generated interest, take it a step further. Anticipate questions you will be asked about your webcam: Where is it located? What is it looking at? Nearby attractions seen in the distance? Are there specific times of the day or year where activity happens? Answer those questions in depth for your viewers. It is also beneficial to provide a section of information about the possible problems users might encounter in viewing the webcam, as each user will have a different set-up, possibly different from any you’ve ever tested before.

Search Engine Optimization

A webcam is a great way into the rest of your website, plus they make fantastic, relevant content for search engines. ‘Webcam’ is one of the most popular search phrases today. Your webcam page is likely to be found first of all your pages. If you have a great webcam, other websites will want to link to it and one-way incoming links are extremely powerful in getting your website listed in the major search engines, particularly Google. Your webcam can generate these incoming links without you lifting a finger or paying an SEO company! 

Content and Keywords

Surround your webcam with related content using your website’s targeted keywords and phrases. You can bet your webcam will be the first thing found on your website from organic searches and will quickly become your website’s most popular page. But you do not want the wrong kind of visitor, so make sure the content is all relevant to your website and interesting to your target audience. 

Marketing and Social Media

Devise viral marketing techniques based around your webcam. Create “buzz” using social media platforms. With Integrated social media tools, HDOnTap’s video player makes it easy for your viewers to share your webcam views on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! What’s better than having your webcam viewers working for you by spreading the word of your webcam via their own social networks! 

Reach Out to Others

A great way to increase webcam viewers is to add your webcam to third party websites. For example, partner with local businesses in the area and allow them to feature your webcam on their website. This is mutually beneficial because it will drive more traffic to their website and ultimately bring more visitors to your website as well. Another way to attract webcam viewers is adding your webcam to all the major webcam directories, including HDOnTap’s live cam portal page. This will help promote your webcam and help your website achieve higher, and more consistent search rankings. 

Press Release

A press release can be a great way to gain exposure for your webcam and your website. If you have a great view, why not shout about it? Every story has an angle and a simple press release can create a buzz. Use third party PR sites to gain valuable incoming links to your webcam. Don’t forget to talk about your webcam on all the forums and blogs you visit too! 

Live Cam Maintenance

Treat your webcam like you would any marketing campaign. It will perform for you, provided you give it the support it needs and keep tabs on its welfare. Your webcam can become your website’s, and your business’s single most useful asset but if it isn’t working, it isn’t earning!